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Australia: Increase in gambling losses following the COVID blockade

Last year's COVID-19 blockade temporarily halted gambling losses in Australia. However, after the venues reopened, gambling losses increased and players are now losing more than ever.

Gambling losses after Australia closure continue to rise

COVID - 19 - A related blockade in Australia closed many businesses last year, including gambling venues. April to October the blockade resulted in the compensation of gambling losses . As a consequence, this has proved beneficial for some players who choose to quit smoking but others resumed this activity as soon as the blockade ended .

While gambling losses in Australia are at their highest ever, some states are losing more than others. Rounders in Brimbank , the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, have record daily slot losses. Brimbank players they lost AU $ 482,168 for one day of February . Despite months of blockade last year, since the gambling venues reopened losses worsened .

According to a former gambler named Ian who recently spoke with ABC Net , lock helped people raise "large amounts of money" . As a consequence, he said that after the gambling venues reopened, people started coming back. What's worse these gamblers now had an "abundance of money" that they never had before . Ian admitted that he had never imagined that gambling " would be so devastating and so visible ".

Lawmakers Limit Gambling Losses?

One of the factors increasing gambling losses in Victoria is working hours of places . In Victoria gambling establishments operate 20 hours a day what is the longest working time outside of any state in Australia. However, people who suffer from gambling disorders , undoubtedly also increase the losses associated with gambling.

While gambling remains a problem in Victoria, the government it is not devoid of a plan to deal with it . Lawmakers are trying shorten working hours at gambling venues, which may result in reduced losses. Moreover, the legislator proposed freezing the number of slot machines until 2042 and restriction of check withdrawal services near gambling places.

Additionally, lawmakers plan to reduce gambling losses by proposing $ 1 betting limit as well as the daily EFTPOS 500 AU $ withdrawal limit. Finally, another way to reduce gambling losses is the proposed limit on the use of credit cards for gambling .

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