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Betway appointed Official NHL Partner of Sports Betting

The premier online sports betting brand Betway concluded a long-term contract with National Hockey League (NHL) become the official partner of the league in sports betting, Super Group , the parent company of the brand announced today.

"This is an extremely proud moment to announce our first collaboration with the NHL in a North American sports league."

Anthony Werkman, CEO, Betway

North American Sports League's first partnership

An agreement that marks an important milestone for Betway as the first for a sports betting brand with a North American professional sports league to be launched with the launch 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs tomorrow.

“Starting with the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Betway brand will receive a lot of exposure to sports fans around the world and this will continue at other NHL Certainty events throughout the calendar, which is extremely exciting for us. "

Anthony Werkman, CEO, Betway

Through the new company, Betway will gain global brand visibility and brand exposure through its corner position on ice and camera-visible panel signage available for all 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs and 2021 Stanley y Cup Final matches, and throughout the term of the multi-year contract.

“This agreement strengthens our strategy of expanding our global customer base by partnering with major leagues in the most popular sports around the world. Tens of millions of viewers will see the Betway logo on ice for these prestigious games as we make ourselves known to a new audience in the United States and beyond. "

Neal Menashe, CEO, Super Group

Under the new deal, Betway will also gain brand visibility at NHL's tentpole events such as the NHL Winter Classic, NHL Stadium Series and NHL All-Star Weekend, again through the ice corner positioned branding.

"The Stanley Cup is the most exciting two months in the sport and offers a great opportunity to engage fans around the world."

Keith Wachtel, NHL Business Director and Senior Vice President

Logos, signs and campaigns to increase customer acquisition

In addition to increased brand awareness among professional hockey fans, Betway will be granted the right to use official NHL logos, marks and markings to be able to design authentic marketing programs tailored to NHL fans.

“As the sports betting category continues to evolve at a rapid pace, we are excited to start a new partnership with Betway during this very exciting time of our season. Betway has a very aggressive growth strategy and is the perfect partner to work with with our die-hard fans. "

Keith Wachtel, Chief Business Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, NHL

The deal will also give Betway access to all of the professional hockey league media resources, including custom digital, social and email marketing initiatives to help the sports betting brand build further brand awareness and expand its customer base.

The contract with the NHL is the latest step that Betway is taking to become a recognizable brand among sports fans in the US. In March, the online sports betting brand entered into multiple sponsorship deals with franchises National Basketball Association (NBA) and New York Islanders NHL.

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