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BGC warns against 27 million visits per year to black market gambling sites

In a statement on the Betting and Gaming Council website, the trading group said there were 27 million black market gambling visits between 2018 and 2019, totaling £ 1.4 billion of the lost grip.

BGC publishes statistics of visits to gambling sites on the black market

Organization Betting and Gaming Council revealed that the number of UK players visiting unregulated markets in search of products with which they are satisfied has increased over the past year. According to BGC, it was during the year 27 million visits. This is in the context of improving performance in the regulated online gaming market.

In an official statement, BGC cited the survey PWC, which revealed that an estimated 200,000 customers chose offshore gambling during the 12 months between 2018 and 2019, generating an estimated 1.4 billion pounds total turnover.

According to figures released by the board, the 9% of the total number of gambling-related searches targeted search terms and black market sites.

All of the above findings are part of a renewed effort to regulate the industry, while providing maximum clarity to the government and avoiding over-regulation of operators without achieving meaningful, sustainable solutions for consumers.

The Gambling Review already plans to introduce a specific set of measures that will allow gambling companies to provide consumers with the level of protection they need, which they are not receiving.

Don't alienate consumers from black markets

However, the Gambling Review takes a more belligerent approach to gambling domestically, paying particular attention to online gambling, which has long been unregulated.

Meanwhile, the government is speeding up identity and age checks, as well as deposit limits and safer gambling tools. Some MPs have even called for the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to dissolve, citing poor performance, which the regulator has vehemently denied.

Commenting on the number of offshore searches, CEO of BGC Michael Dugher He said: “As a standardization body for a regulated industry, we are very excited about the Gambling Review, which we believe is an excellent opportunity to make further changes to safer gambling.

According to Dugher, over-regulation "inadvertently" pushes consumers into the arms of black markets. Dugher recalled that the industry is transmitting £ 3.2 billion per year to the State Treasury and provides employment 100,000 people.

Anything that could endanger that, Dugher explained, would be inappropriate. Dugher said millions of people in the UK have made sporadic bets and that it is important they do so in a safe environment.

However, not everyone fully agrees with the position presented by the Betting and Gaming Council. Some argue that industry re-regulation is a way to protect consumers so as not to alienate or shut down the industry.

Not everyone agrees with BGC

Jimmy Justice , Twitter account, which insists on stricter measures against gambling companies and better consumer protection, called BGC's overall line of argument "Lack of evidence."

Recent BGC figures are important, but changing the industry does not alienate consumers from local markets. It simply means finding a way to suspend foreign operators without being licensed to access the country's huge consumer base.

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