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Carousel Casino equipped with the innovative IGT management system

South Africa's famous Carousel casino has reopened under new management and with a new casino management system from International Gaming Technology (IGT).

Famous Carousel casino in South Africa re-opened under new management and with a new casino management system from International Gaming Technology (IGT) . The IGT Advantage Casino Management System (CMS) is a state-of-the-art suite with a wide range of features to help increase business efficiency and operational efficiency.

The CMS connects approximately 400 machines on the property. Some of its many functions include machine billing, customer management, frame and table counting, table management. The package also includes a Carded Lucky Coin and the M5 content creation tool. The latter aims to streamline the content creation process and provide customers with improved messaging and bonus oriented interfaces.

One of the most interesting aspects of the IGT package has to be the Resort wallet. IGT, which is also expected to power Colorado's Maverick casinos, designed it as a single card cashless module. It allows players to quickly and efficiently transfer funds between games using club cards.

The suite is integrated with Carousel's existing customer and point of sale management systems. This gives players quick access to balance, club rewards and a range of real estate services. The goal is to lower operating costs, increase club membership and increase card games.

New management, new systems

Carousel Casino recently reopened its doors after it closed earlier this year. The casino has been restarted under new management - Lakama Group. It is also South Africa's first casino to feature IGT's innovative portfolio.

IGT Vice President EMEA Sales and Operations Mark MacCombie said Carousel Casino's decision to integrate IGT's management suite demonstrates the power and reliability of the system. He noticed that The CMS was a proven solution that maximized efficiency, simplified operations, and increased player loyalty.

Chairman of the Board Lakama Resorts and Casino Mario Morfou praised the IGT system. According to Mr. Morfou, IGT Advantage CMS was stable and had a user-friendly configuration. He also praised his ability to automate much of the business, which dismisses the casino staff and allows a better gaming experience for customers.

Back from the edge

Carousel Casino is one of the the oldest and most famous casinos in South Africa. The huge complex first opened its doors in 1991. His activities were put into absolute chaos earlier this year by anti-pandemic measures set by the South African government.

Previous casino management, Sun International, decided to permanently close the site. Earlier this month, Sun International announced that the casino complex has been successfully sold and will reopen under new management.

The Carousel casino only re-opened recently - December 15th - after being purchased by Lakama Group.

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