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Crown Sydney Non-Gaming may open on December 28

Crown Resorts received permission to open a new resort with a casino of Fr. worth $ 2.2 billion Australian w Barangaroo near Sydney, albeit due to non-gambling activities after the New South Wales (NSW) gambling regulator issued a temporary alcohol license for the property. The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) licensed the Crown Sydney Hotel, bars and some restaurants.

Non-game operations only

Last month, after the investigation was completed NSW in Regarding the Crown's ability to hold a license, the regulator expressed serious concerns about allowing Krona to launder money through its high-volume bank accounts and demanded a delay in opening the casino. . The ILGA said there would be no problem opening other parts of the multi-billion-dollar casino resort.

"Last month, the ILGA decided not to approve a series of regulations related to casino operations prior to the publication of the findings of Bergin's investigation in February 2021."

Philip Crawford, Chairman, ILGA

In a final attempt to save the opening scheduled for December 14 Opening a casino near Sydney, Crown offered a lifetime under strict regulator scrutiny in a working test, but ILGA refused.

The regulator's chairman further explained on Wednesday that the ILGA had agreed with Crown to cooperate to open up all non-gaming zones, including restaurants and bars, accommodation and entertainment. As the position of the alcohol and gambling supervisor did not change, the ILGA issued a temporary license to the Crown until April 30, 2021.

Temporary three-month license

Before Crown would have to apply for an extension of its liquor license, the ILGA would scrutinize the final investigation report due to be submitted by Patricia Bergin on Feb.1, and would have plenty of time to consider what needs to be improved under Crown's AML inspection conditions.

"This will enable ILGA to consider any appropriateness concerns arising from a post-release investigation in Bergin, due early next year, before making any further license renewal decision."

Philip Crawford, Chairman, ILGA

Following ILGA's decision, Crown made a statement to Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), informing the market authority that it is working to finalize preparations for the opening of a non-gaming business in Crown Sydney, which is expected to start with December 28, 2020.

In October The Australian Center for Trade Reports and Analysis (AUSTRAC) has deepened Crown Resorts' misery after it began an investigation into its deal with people about high net worth (HNWI) and politically exposed persons (PEP) inside the Melbourne Casino.

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