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A man suspected of stealing $ 1 million from Poker Pro goes to jail

And a 32-year-old man, allegedly involved in a break-in from the home of professional poker player Chad Power, was arrested and jailed earlier this week. Brock Brewer, a Las Vegas resident, is one of two people suspected of stealing $ 1 million in cash and poker chips from professionals in February.

An LV resident goes to jail on suspicion of being involved in a home invasion

The Las Vegas resident stayed arrested earlier this week by Clark County Police Officers. Brock Brewer , 32, was arrested and imprisoned over suspicion of association with the home break-in of poker pro Chad Power whose history dates back to February this year. During the house invasion on February 10, approximately $ 1 million was lost from Power's house in Las Vegas.

Then Las Vegas Review-Journal confirmed that a police report noted that the professional had safe with "approximately $ 750,000 in cash in denominations of the $ 100 banknote, mostly split into $ 50,000 bricks ”that have been lost. also some 250,000 $ in high value chips also disappeared from the safe after a break-in.

Apparently Brewer was one of the two men who invaded the house at Power's house in Henderson. On the day of the break-in, the professional poker player left home and went to play poker. At one point, Power received an alert from his security system, but by the time he got home, the robbery was over. With that in mind, the two men with no masks left caught by security , escaping from Power's mansion.

The suspect's interrogation was scheduled for June 1

After his arrest on Tuesday, Brewer stayed accused of 8 offenses related to the invasion of the house. His allegations include conspiracy to commit theft, conspiracy to commit a burglary, conspiracy to invade a home, and theft of a $ of 100,000 or more. In addition, Brewer is also accused of invading a home with the possession of a lethal weapon, two instances of possession of a lethal weapon, and a break-in with the possession of a lethal weapon.

Here it is important to mention that although Brewer is suspect in the investigation of the home invasion his guilt has not yet been proven . His bond is fixed at $ 200,000 and is currently in Clark County Remand Center. Brewing hearing is expected will be held in ten days from June 1.

Plus most recent arrest, Brewer he had previously been arrested for similar crimes in 2006. Then some $ 15,000 in cash and poker chips are missing from a professional poker player. Consequently, Brewer was identified as a suspect in the crime. Then he was accused of conspiracy, robbery and robbery with a lethal weapon. Consequently, Brewer was sentenced to from two to five years .

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