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NBA TV reports that the audience has dropped by 25% over the past two seasons

In the past two seasons, the NBA has lost 25% of its TV audience with just 1.32 million viewers compared to the pre-pandemic periods (2018 - 2019).

NBA with 25% fewer viewers compared to pre-pandemic times

NBA lost 25% TV audience in the last two seasons compared with the previous year's annual reports. Her ratings have dropped as the league prepares for the playoffs. According to Nielsen Live Plus figures same day, the league had an average of 1.32 million viewers that is 25% fall from pre-pandemic levels. The league played 168 - regular season of NBA games, broadcast on the channel ABC , TNT and ESPN in 2020-2021. In 2018-2019, the average number of viewers for all networks was 1.75 million viewers.

During the 35-week broadcasting season in 2020 - 2021 that ended on Wednesday, overall television usage fell by 10% , compared with the same period a year ago and a net loss of 8.64 million spectators for the night.

The decline was more pronounced in the Big Four networks, where prime-time delivery fell by 22% in one year. The NBA ABC was the worst hit compared to the average 2.67 million viewers on the game and the decline of the 10%, compared with the previous season with 2.96 million and down o 26% with 2018-2019 with 3.61 million viewers.

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Viewership can impact the NBA TV deal

Now NBA season it's over, it's time for the playoffs. The New York Knicks will play basketball for the first time since 2013. They join the all-time favorites of the NBA such as Brooklyn Nets , Golden State Warriors and Lakers .

It will be interesting to see how LeBron James Wins the game by 3 points by beating Golden State Warriors on Wednesday, he will continue to play. If people forget it or it remains one of his most legendary shots. The Lakers have been the most widespread team this season with 33 national windows and the top-rated franchise.

Viewership can affect the NBA TV deal. Currently, the association earns money $ 24 billion within a 9-year contract and is looking for $ 75 billion in subsequent offers. After TV viewership has dropped significantly over the past two seasons, the association is counting on more viewers during the playoffs.

Today, younger viewers broadcast matches for a few minutes, and more of them follow the action on the Internet. They also don't swim for long enough to leave a mark. The correlation of the currency streaming space may need to adapt and go beyond the TV market.

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