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Report: The United States may become the largest sports betting market in the world

Through education, technology and responsible gambling, the US sports betting market could become the largest market in the world, suggests a new report published by

New report , published earlier this week by an online and mobile sports betting comparison site, reveals how the legal industry of sports betting in the United States can maximize your height. A website comparing online and mobile sports betting contacted to compile a report with many gambling regulators . In addition, he also turned to sports betting operators for help in mapping the progress made since the repeal of PASPA three years ago.

As a result, experts believe that The United States has the potential to become the largest legal sports betting market in the world . This can be achieved through education, technology and responsible gambling. In addition, the report presents expert experience and revealed the challenges they have faced since the repeal of PASPA.

The United States has the potential to become the largest sports betting market

In a statement, the founder , Mike Murphy , said the report was made to determine where the legitimate sports betting industry is located following the repeal of PASPA. Recognizing that so far the industry grew rapidly , stressed that hiccups are not uncommon when it comes to education, safe gambling, technology and regulation .

Additionally, Murphy said experts believe these challenges can be overcome, which may result The United States is becoming the largest legal sports betting market in the world . Finally, he said the report provides insight and shapes the direction the industry may take in the next few years.

May Face Some Hurdles Sports Betting Expansion

Douglas Harbach , member Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board , is one of the experts who took part in the study. He admitted that the sports betting market in the US it is significant with high demand . In addition, Harbach said the sports betting market should be taken with the same seriousness as casino games. Finally he admitted that to ensure system integrity , sports betting must be strictly regulated, as are casinos.

PointsBet communications director, Patrick Eichner is another expert who participated in the report. He admitted that education is undoubtedly a big obstacle in any state in which sports betting is launched. In addition, Eichner added that the premieres take place " state after state "And" Sports betting is not a national opportunity ". Finally, similar to Harbach, Eichner said the sports betting expansion may face some problems along the way.

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