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Snaitech integrates HappyBet, consolidates your online footprint

HappyBet, a bookmaker operating mainly in Germany and Austria, has been successfully integrated into Snaitech , the Italian business arm of the provider of gambling technology Playtech.

Consolidation and expansion of presence in the region

The addition of a sports betting operator with a combined total of around 200 outlets in Germany and Austria and annual revenues in the region 19 million will further expand Snaitech's regional reach, noted Fabio Schiavolin's CEO.

"The integration of Happybet, one of the first companies to receive a national sports betting license in Germany and which will continue to operate under its own brand, has amassed tremendous skills and has achieved a solid market position."

Fabio Schiavolin, CEO, Snaitech

The integration with Snaitech will give HappyBet access to more resources and technology infrastructure, as well as industry expertise in business development, continued Schiavolin, describing how competitive the retail and internet betting markets in Italy are and the experience gained by Snaitech so far, which it will "bring to the table".

Following the HappyBet integration, Snaitech strengthens its position in the online gaming market and expands its market presence in two major European jurisdictions such as Germany and Austria.

“Now we want to use this experience. The combination of our knowledge and know-how with Happybet's knowledge will provide us with ideal conditions to take advantage of new development opportunities. "

Fabio Schiavolin, CEO, Snaitech

Markets with growth potential

Germany and Austria recorded over €

1 billion sports betting in 2019, Snaitech revealed in a press release, but both markets are still quite fragmented, made up of a few large operators and many small ones, and offers a lot of potential for that number to continue to grow.

Michael Lessig , Managing Director at HappyBet Germany expressed his belief that the integration with Snaitech would further improve the company's growth prospects as both sides "share the enthusiasm and willingness to establish" a leading gambling provider licensed under the upcoming federal regulations in Germany. HappyBet, which was founded in 2017, was one of the first operators to obtain a sports betting license in the country under the new federal regime.

Snaitech's 2, 100 Sports betting in Italy had € 522.7 million revenues in 2020 as B2C activities were adversely affected for most of the year by coronavirus-related property exclusions, partially offset by 58% revenue growth in the online sports betting and gaming industries.

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