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Sportradar takes over InteractSport in a bid to conquer cricket

Sportradar, a leading provider of sports data, acquired its third company for 2021 by signing a definitive deal with InteractSport, a company providing sports data, technology and insights.

Sportradar completes its Q 22021 with Interactsport Acquisition

Today, Sportradar , a leading global provider of sports data and solutions, has announced a definitive agreement with InteractSport , a sports data and technology company that offers data insight and business opportunities. InteractSport has partnered with many industry leaders, especially those with cricket expertise. Thanks to this takeover, Sportradar intends to close Q 22021 subject to regulatory approvals.

CEO of Sportradar Group Carsten Koerl He said the acquisition gives the company the chance to expand its content offering as cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Sportradar sees an opportunity for growth due to its popularity in Asia.

CEO of InteractSport Sam Taylor said that the company's goal is to provide innovative solutions for the sports industry. That said, joining Sportradar seemed like a natural step towards achieving that goal. The merger will enable the company to scale its operations and develop new, state-of-the-art products, expand its current reach and enter new markets.

This final deal marks Sportradar's third acquisition in 2021. The company has recently acquired Synergy Sports based in the USA.

Sportradar and InteractSport are conquering the world of cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has over 2 billion fans all over the world. With this acquisition, Sportradar will give both companies the opportunity to enter new markets with InteractSport products and content creation.

InteractSport products include a comprehensive suite digital sports management platforms which include competitions, electronic grading and registration management. The company has a state-of-the-art cricket data collection tool.

Its goal is to revolutionize "the way the cricket story is told to the fans." InteractSport also offers FrogBox , automated in-game production, live streaming and cricket management solution.

In the world of cricket, InteractSports' partners are Cricket Australia and England and Wales Cricket board .

Sportradar provides world-class integrity solutions

Sportradar recently signed a pilot contract with the Dutch Olympic Committee of the Dutch Sports Federation (NOC NSF), which aims to provide integration solutions for monitoring sports competitions in the country this year. The company aims to achieve positive outcomes by employing strategies such as covering every match to protect the sport from fairness risks.

The world's leading sports data provider has signed memorandum of understanding with Bulgarian police to preserve the integrity of sports and establish effective measures to combat fraud and corruption in the sports betting industry in the country.

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