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Sportradar will provide integrity services to the ÖFB

Sportradar, a provider of sports data and integrity solutions, revealed in a press release that Sportradar Integrity Services has entered into a long-term contract with Austrian Football Federation (ÖFB) .

A 6-year contract authorized a data technology company to implement a facility monitoring solution, Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) , to protect the integrity of all football competitions in Austria managed by a national authority.

An advanced plant monitoring system with a global team of experts and analysts will cover over 700 matches in the season with Austrian regional leagues to identify irregularities in betting patterns using a sophisticated combination of mathematical models and machine learning algorithms.

When a suspicious match is detected, the independently assessed and verified UFDS reports the match to its partner to ensure a level of global visibility in match fixing. In the past 15 years the system detected and reported over 5, 400 suspicious matches in world sports, with over 500 only in 2020.

Dr. Thomas Hollerer, the general secretary of the ÖFB, outlined the danger to today's world of sport in relation to match-fixing, recognizing the federation's commitment to the integrity of sport.

"By working with Sportradar Integrity Services to monitor our games through the UFDS solution, we will have valuable oversight of the global betting markets offered in our games."

Dr. Thomas Hollerer, General Secretary, ÖFB

Dr. Hollerer then highlighted Sportradar's proven track record in the field of sports integrity and the technology company's facility's facility monitoring solution to help the federation implement its fairness program during the contract period.

"We are delighted to be working with the ÖFB and offering our expertise to help protect national soccer games from integrity risks."

Andreas Krannich, Managing Director, Sportradar Integrity Services

Increased risk of matching matches

Managing Director of Sportradar Integrity Services Krannich He continued noting an increasing rate of integrity problems emerging at lower-tier competitions in global football, mainly due to the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak which triggered the need for strong integrity measures to address the increased level of risk.

“As a world leader in integrity services in sport, our highest priority is to work with our partners and support an effective framework to help minimize integrity concerns. "

Andreas Krannich, Managing Director, Sportradar Integrity Services

Andreas Krannich concluded by commending the Austrian Football Association for its commitment to protecting the integrity of the national competition, they disagree with the signed UFSD agreement and stated that Sportradar Integrity Services would be willing to help support its fairness agenda over the next 6 years.

The ÖFB is the newest national sports governing body to ask Sportradar for integrity services, following in the footsteps of the Swedish Football Association (SvFF) and the Dutch Olympic Committee of the Dutch Sports Federation (NOC NSF), which signed UFDS agreements in March and April

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