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  • Jul- 2021 -
    July 21
    Boa-gaming-will explore-esports-options through-partnership-sportsflare

    BOA Gaming will explore esports options through the Sportsflare partnership

    Tiidal Gaming's subsidiary Sportsflare, which owns and operates key businesses in the esports ecosystem with a primary focus on betting, esports, content and community, and mobile gaming, has signed a new strategic partnership agreement with Bet on Action Gaming sports bookmaker ( BOA Gaming). Sharing the Same Vision Sportsflare's Commercial Director,…

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  • July 18

    VGT Gaming in Illinois has taken control

    The state of Illinois had a very successful month last month with video game terminals (VGTs) recording revenues of just over $ 213 million. This is a huge increase compared to the last two years as revenues are 57% higher than VGT revenues in June 2019. One of ...

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  • July 14
    Thescore-publishes-the-latest-earnings-report, -misses-the-mark

    theScore publishes the latest earnings report, Misses the Mark

    When March ends, there is always a hiatus in gambling. The February NFL Super Bowl is over, the March NCAA craze is over, and there are no other major competitions on the schedule. The spread of competitions in the PGA, NBA and other sports leagues helps hold the market, but does not deliver the results that the operators ...

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  • July 10

    New Jersey College Sports Betting Facing Uphill Battle

    New Jersey is unlikely to see gambling expansion in November as the proposed state constitutional amendment will not include necessary public support, a recent FDU poll suggests. 36% against Betting on Local College Teams The proposed measure to allow college sports betting involving local teams faces a difficult battle in the upcoming referendum ...

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  • July 7

    Ontario appoints iGaming Ontario to practice sports gambling in the field.

    Now that Canada has made a wise choice to allow betting on the outcome of sporting events, Ontario wants to make sure that it will go into effect. According to a provincial government press release, the province is setting up an online sports gambling division to "host and manage" iGaming offers. If all goes to plan and the world doesn't ...

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  • July 3
    Virginia-surpassed-$ 1 billion-after-4-full-months-sports-betting

    Virginia surpassed $ 1 billion after 4 full months of sports betting

    Virginia became the last US jurisdiction to break the $ 1 billion sports betting revenue threshold since its inception, a monthly report published by Virginia Lottery revealed while in May monthly sports betting continued to decline. Higher than industry average operator margin The report found that licensed sports betting operators ...

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  • Jun- 2021 -
    June 30

    Debate on the Wire End Act Good news, according to gaming industry lawyers

    For nearly years, the U.S. federal government has only applied the Federal Wire Act to Internet sports gambling, not other forms of gambling, when it comes to allowing states to enter into interstate income-sharing agreements. The Department of Justice (DOJ) then decided it wanted to create its own view of the Wire Act that did not fit in with ...

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  • June 26

    Penn National Gaming Projects' revenue in the second quarter will be $ 1.5 billion

    The announcement comes after the operator revealed the launch of private debt worth $ 45 a bid for general corporate purposes. Penn Announces $400M Senior Unsecured Notes Penn National Gaming expects revenues in the April-June 1933 range between $ 1.32 billion and $ 1.55 billion, equivalent to a 25% increase in…

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  • June 23

    The Tennessee Lottery is breaking $ 2 Billion with Sports Gambling

    Even though 2020 has decimated a large part of the US gambling market, Tennessee Education Lottery (TEL) cannot be too disappointed with its results. The organization that oversees lotteries, sports gambling and more has just released its financial report for the last fiscal year and has hit a new milestone. For the first time, it recorded revenues in ...

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  • June 19
    Team-vitality-nawiazuje-collaborative-z-socios. Com-to-release-a-fan-token

    Team Vitality is partnering with to issue a fan token

    Team Vitality is one of the largest European esports organizations based in Paris, France. He has just revealed that he will be releasing a fan token through the fan engagement and awards platform, and its dedicated app. Team Vitality Mints 7 Million Fan Tokens The fan token will be called $VIT and will be available to fans ...

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