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Slot machine - Roulette

Max Winx35
Min / Max bet 0.1/1000

Features of roulette

The game uses the classic wheel in the European format. It is divided into thirty-seven sectors, numbered from 0 to 36. The zero pocket is green, the rest are alternately red and black. In the event of a zero, additional rules do not apply and all losing chips are sent to the profitable casino.

NetEnt roulette includes three types of bets:

  • internal (single numbers and their combinations from two to six numbers);
  • outer (red-black, even-odd, below-or above, row, a dozen);
  • verbal (neighbors, series 0, series 0-2-3, Orphelins, series 5-8).
BetLimitPayout rate
Red / Black, Even / Odd, More / Less0,1-2000х1
Dozen, column (row)0,1-1200х2
6 digits (line)0,1-600х5
4 numbers (corner)0,1-400х8
3 numbers (street)0,1-300х11
2 numbers (split)0,1-200х17
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