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Slot Machine - Blackjack

Manufacturer NetEnt
RTP 99.59%
Max Win x35
Volatility Short
Min / Max bet  1/500

How to play blackjack

Blackjack is played with four decks of 52 cards each. The numbers on the cards are counted according to their face value. The next are Jack, Queen and King; their value is 10. Ace is 1 or 11, depending on the game situation. Colors in betamo blackjack has no value.

At the beginning of the game, everyone is dealt two cards. This means that the dealer deals himself two cards and of the two cards one will be face up (visible to the players), just like any box where two cards are dealt, both cards are face up. The player may receive additional cards if necessary. To do this, the player just needs to press a button. You can keep pressing this button until you feel you have scored enough points, or until the total of cards exceeds 21. If the total goes over 21, this is overkill and overkill automatically loses.

When a player is satisfied with his cards, he must stop the game by pressing the "Stop" button, this action should be performed on each square where the player has placed a bet. After that, the game comes croupier. Opens the invisible card of the player who wrote about it earlier and decides if he needs another card. The total of the dealer's cards should be at least 17. As soon as the dealer stops, the selection of the winner begins. The player wins if the sum of his cards is greater than the dealer or if the dealer receives more than 21. If the dealer and the player have the same cards, it is a tie and the player gets his wager back.


If a player receives a combination of aces and a 10 or a picture on the first try, he immediately receives 21, which is blackjack. This is an automatic win that is valued at 1 in 1.5, i.e. half of the player's bet is paid out. Likewise, if the dealer has Blackjack from the deal, this is considered an automatic losing. If the player and the dealer both have blackjack, this is considered a draw.


If the card shown is an ace at the time of the deal, the player has the option to be insured against the first move. You can buy insurance by adding half of your original bet. If the dealer then turns out to have blackjack, the player wins an amount insured equal to his two insurances. If the dealer does not have blackjack then the insurance "burns out" and the game is played according to the standard rules described above.

Equal money

If the player receives Blackjack and the dealer's visible card is an Ace, the player is offered an option called even money, which means that he wins an amount equal to the player's stake, not 1.5 times the stake as in Blackjack.


When a player is dealt 2 cards of the same value, they will be offered to split the cards and double the bet. If he agrees to the split, then the box is played with 2 hands, i.e. one more card is dealt to the first hand. The player then decides if he wants to draw another card. If no more cards are needed, press the SET button. The same is done with the other hand. Then comes the dealer's turn, and then everything goes on as in a standard draw.


At the time of the deal, the player has the option to double their bet. This option is only available on the first move. Also, after doubling, the player may make another move. Another option where a double bet is allowed is split cards, with the exception of a 2 aces split.

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