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BOA Gaming will explore esports options through the Sportsflare partnership

A subsidiary of Tiidal Gaming Sportsflare, which owns and runs key businesses in the esports ecosystem with a primary focus on betting, esports, content and community, and mobile gaming, has signed a new strategic partnership agreement with the sports bookmaker Bet on Action Gaming (BOA Gaming).

Sharing the Same Vision

Sportsflare Commercial Director, Vigil Townsend , revealed that the partnership with BOA Gaming is exciting and will open the door to new opportunities for Sportsflare. Townsend believes Sportsflare and BOA Gaming's visions overlap as they both seek to innovate and improve the esports betting market. For this reason, COO is looking forward to working with its new partners.

As part of the partnership agreement, BOA Gaming will get access to the Sportsflare esports betting market. Additionally, Sportsflare will reveal data on three of the most famous esports games on the market: League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. BOA Gaming will also get access to Sportsflare's BetBuilder, the first of its kind for esports.

BOA Gaming CEO, Steve Ellis , is delighted to work with such a recognized partner. Ellis believes there is much to be gained from working with a leading data provider, especially when you enter new territory. As BOA Gaming is just beginning to explore esports options, it will greatly benefit from Sportsflare's deep knowledge of the matter.

Ellis is happy to have found the right partner. The CEO is looking forward to working with Sportsfly to expand BOA Gaming's esports offering.

Esports and bets: A duo designed

During the pandemic, esports developed significantly. Since people were quarantined at home, many of them had more time to play or watch video game broadcasts. As a result, interest in the industry as a whole has increased.

Moreover, esports events were not affected by the quarantine as tournaments could be played over long distances online. As a result, even when traditional sports failed to hold onto the market, esports flourished. Their versatility proved enticing and attracted many avid gamers who could not bet on traditional sports. This led to a boom in esports betting.

As such, it comes as no surprise that BOA Gaming is looking forward to expanding into esports as well and has opted for a highly reputable partner such as Sportsflare for this purpose. In today's marketplace, it is unwise to underestimate a potential esports offering.

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