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5 types of online slots players who play slots for 1 cent

If you can break down personality types into ink blot tests, birth constellations, Disney characters (Buzzfeed, we're looking at you), or the type of food you like to eat, why don't you play too? As for the minimum space for bets; The number of penny slot machines is growing, but what kind of people are playing them? With a grain of salt, we took a look at 5 types of online slots enthusiasts who play 1c slots.

5 types of 1 cent slots players

"Rags to Riches" player

Do you believe you could become a millionaire with just 1c? You can be a Rags To Riches player. Characterized by endless faith in the power of hope, the Rags To Riches player is the one who thinks every coin in his pocket can be magically turned into a million coins with just a few lucky spins of the reels. This player can bet 1 cent on each payline or he can just pick one payline and hope for the best. However, when the jackpots are not as big as expected, they can be disappointed. However, there have been instances where players have won thousands with very low stakes, so perhaps Rags to Riches players aren't that far from believing in luck. We always need positive stories to drive us, and these are the players who provide them.

"Initial tester"

Are you one of those people who like to understand how a game works before spending a lot of money on it? Do you carefully examine the water before jumping into it with both feet? If you're a pre-tester, you might even consider jumping with both feet a little risky when you only need one toe. Initial testers are players who like to thoroughly test the platform with the smallest amount of money for as long as possible, and even then they rarely decide to spend more than 1 $ / € on a single bet. If you're an Initial Tester, life-changing jackpots that require maximum wagers may stay out of your reach forever unless you throw caution to the wind. Being an Initial Tester is beneficial. Long-term pre-testers can make more money than the average "hell to skin" gamer by playing carefully and strategically.


Have you ever pretended to be a beginner so your opponent underestimates you? Have you ever underestimated your skills to surprise people with your genius at a later stage? You may have a Hustler attitude. If you approach casinos as opponents and play 1c slots to get into the swing, get some wins and then use these wins to play progressive slots for huge jackpots or clean up blackjack, baccarat or roulette tables, you can be a Huster . Hats off to you! Fraudsters tend to be analytical, research paytable, maximum jackpots, and RTP for every game they play, and they can also have some impressive table game skills.


Noob is a bright, eager newcomer to the online casino scene. Everyone starts somewhere, and for Noob, the huge bonuses and the thousands of casino games available can be a bit daunting. They will be thrilled with the variety of slots themes and styles and can make beginner mistakes like not checking the paytable or adjusting coin sizes. However, enthusiasm and curiosity are strong with this type of players, and when they find a suitable casino and start playing with a welcome bonus, they quickly find their feet. People rarely stay in this category for long. Usually, by the time they use the welcome bonus package, Noobs already has a very good idea of what games they like and how to play them.

get a coin, you will get a coin, each slot will get a coin! "Player

Anyone who watched Oprah in the late 90's and early 2000's would know that Oprah was rich in gifts and presents. Well, the latter type of slot player has exactly the same mindset. They want to give coins to every slot that passes them. In a land-based casino, it is the player who moves up and down the rows of slot machines and gives each game a coin or two, but never decides to play a particular game. In an online casino, this kind of player would probably try to play every game they see on the screen, but not spend a lot of time playing any single game. This player will try every game, from a three-reel slot machine with basic symbols to the most complex video slots we can imagine. Anything with a Spin button can earn a coin from that kind of player. You get a coin for each slot machine! The advantage of this is that these kinds of players have a good understanding of slots and have a wide range of interests. Find a list of the best casinos that offer 1 cent slots.

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