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Andrew Yang Pitches Casino Plan for Governors Island

New York City mayor candidate Andrew Yang introduced the idea of creating a casino on Governors Island. During a radio discussion at the Breakfast Club, Mr. Yang said that such a place could be the engine of New York's repair, attracting more tourists and generating income for the city.

Governors Island casino may attract more tourists

According to candidate on Mayor Andrew Yang, one of the ways to rebuild New York may be creation of a Governors Island casino . In a radio interview for Breakfast Club revealed a bold plan, pointing out that if a casino was built on the island, the city can use it, and such a place "will be one of the engines of recovery". "This casino would generate so much money it would be bananas"Said Mr. Yang.

In addition, he revealed that the proposed location would be in "an environment that is currently largely unused ". According to Mr. Yang, the benefits a city like this can bring are more tourists as well as millions of dollars tax receipts. While the mayoral candidate's proposal sounds promising, can it really be done?

In an interview with Politico Alicia Glen, chairman of the Governors Island Trust board, said the law prohibits setting up a casino on the island. Moreover, she stressed that " there is no scenario in which the casino”May be part of Governors Island's current plans for the future.

Another point that Mrs. Glen made was that current plans for the island include the creation of a "mixed campus", which will serve educational, hospitality and commercial purposes related to climate change and sustainable development.

The island is now home to many businesses

Governors Island, formerly used as a coast guard and military facility, is only accessible by ferry. Currently The 172-acre island is home to many dining options, several businesses, several yacht clubs, a brewery, a national monument and many recreational areas. In 2003, the first public guided tours of the island began. Every year since then hundreds of thousands of people visit Governors Island.

Last September mayor Bill de Blasio together with the Trust for Governors Island revealed that a Climate Solutions Center will be established. As part of the mayor's reconstruction plan, the new center will bring together teachers, researchers and innovators to and the ultimate goal will be to test, implement and build solutions that can be used in the decades to come.

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