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Arkansas casinos continue their climb even after sports gambling stumble

Arkansas Casinos show the same trends as casinos in other states. As the United States begins to recover from the year-round COVID-19 chaos, the gaming market has started to rebound and reports consistently better numbers. Arkansas casinos are also included as state gambling facilities outperformed in April than in March . Sports gambling revenue, however, stumbled slightly as there were no big-ticket sports events on the calendar.

Arkansas casinos are improving their winnings

Arkansas has three licensed casinos, although it is trying to add more, and these three saw an increase of $ 2.4 million on a monthly basis from March to April. The Arkansas Racing Commission (ARC), which oversees gambling at casinos in the state, released figures last week that show a certain pattern of positive returns. Revenues in March were almost twice as high as in February, and April was much better than in March.

Southland was the big winner in March, but Saracen Casino Resort took over last month. His overall win improved by $ 1.9 million, but his sports gambling revenue fell to just under $ 1 million. In March, when March Madness was held for the first time in two years, that month was recorded $ 1.20 million, while in April, I only saw about 964,000 $.

Oaklawn saw a month-to-month increase in winnings of 660,807, but the price of his betting position fell from $ 1.6 million to $ 901,475 from March to April. Southland has fallen from both casino and sports gambling. The total win for casino operations was down 178.101 compared with April and the sports gambling position at the facility was 2.20 million, compared with March 2. 88 million Despite this decline, Southland's sports game wins improved by 88,324.

Arkansas Gambling Changes

Arkansas is undergoing a casino renovation which will take some time to complete. Oaklawn led the way when it spent $ 100 million upgrading its facilities, adding 660 hotel rooms and updated game options. Southland raises the stakes, builds a 21-story hotel and refurbishes its games room. These improvements are expected to be completed next year. Saracen just opened its doors last October, so it's not yet ready for an upgrade.

The state's casino market was expected to be slightly larger now, but the planned expansion into Pope County hasn't been smooth. Controversy began even before the casino was approved for the county, and the area has since been plunged into conflict over the subject. Disputes continue, with public officials, game officials, and area residents still arguing over how Pope County games should be organized and by whom.

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