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Buenos Aires will reopen its casinos and will follow strict protocols

Buenos Aires Province has approved the opening of casinos and bingo since December 14but in reality only slot machines will be able to run.

The announcement was made in Tuesday , after a meeting chaired by Carlos Bianco , head of the cabinet of provincial ministers, with businessmen, trade unions from the gaming industry and the heads of the Provincial Institute of Lotteries and Casinos (IPLyC) Omara The Galdurralde are present and Maria Laura García.

"This measure is the third step in the gradual opening of the game in Buenos Aires since the opening of bookmakers was authorized in May and equestrian activities began in August" - named the city of Buenos Aires lottery in a press release.

The activity allows you to open rooms in 11 casinos and 44 bingo operating in the province However, this only applies to slot machines - bingo, roulette and other types of gambling offered at gambling venues will not be available for now.

Properties will operate under a strict sanitary protocol and players will only be allowed to use sites that are considered risk-free.

The measure states that gambling points can work on the 30% their capacity and must be emptied every two hours for sanitation and ventilation. In addition, players will declare in writing that they are not infected with the coronavirus.

Employees casinos undergo carpet decontamination and they will have to Constant use masks while working. Food and drinks will not be allowed in the rooms and slot machines will be separated according to the distance keeping protocols.

Gradual reopening with possible adjustments

After the closure of the facilities, which will take nearly 9 months, the situation is still unclear.

"The truth is we don't know exactly how the business will grow or how it will affect schedules and employees, but we're sure we'll eventually get to know all the specifications." said Roberto Páez, secretary general of Mar del Plata Casinos Maestranza Unión, during a press conference.

According to the city authorities, there may be a new protocol "Extended or modified depending on changes that may occur in the situation and any other suggestions from the authorities."

The announcement was met with skepticism, with various parties arguing that many other companies should be allowed to reopen ahead of game venues.

In the meantime, online gambling licensing is also under attack as traditional casino owners fear it could kill their Buenos Aires business. Nevertheless, in late September, the city allowed gambling companies to apply for a license for interactive games.

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