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The Fremont Street Experience risks becoming a superreader

The planned Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas could hinder the progress made in Las Vegas and Nevada in containing the spread of Covid-19.

Freemont Street Experience to bring together 14,000 people $

Together with the end of 2020 in Las vegas, a New Year's event in which he will participate at least 14,000 people, could turn into a "superreader". Hospital overcrowding and rising Covid-19 infections are making it harder for residents to stay safe and run their businesses, warned Tuesday the Nevada Coronavirus Task Force.

According to Caleb Cage, head of the response team, annual meeting Fremont Street Experience could reverse state efforts to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Continuing this event would violate state and federal laws and have potentially dangerous economic consequences, Cage warned.

Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration has already refused the host's permission, but has been granted permission for special use, which is not an official sanction of the authorities, but rather the authorities who expect people to assemble anyway, even if the event is not official.

A special use permit will allow Fremont to enforce crowd control and security measures.

Executive Director of the Nevada League of Cities, Wesley Harper, he said, as quoted by the Associated Press: "People are coming to the Fremont Street Experience, and the question for the city was: What were you going to do to prepare for the fact that people are coming?"

Don't make health professionals pay the price

The Fremont Street Experience declined to comment, but the official website hosting the event said people would need to keep a physical distance of six feet from each other as well as wear masks. There will be no street performers or live music, but there will be a show Slotzilla Zoomline, as well as a light show.

Concerns were raised about the timing of the event, and the chairman of the Clark County Commission, Marilyn Kirkpatrick, warned that the event could push Las Vegas hospitals beyond the tipping point. On Monday this week, the 78% of the beds in the ICU were full, and that's not the main problem, Kirkpatrick warned.

She added that he is overworked, tired and even lacking medical staff. Ultimately, health professionals will pay the price of this exuberance.

Last week, a secret party at the Graton Resort and Casino in California's Bay Area was canceled after word got out, and the planned pow-wow irritated the public and authorities.

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