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French casinos ready to reopen on December 15 to support the economy

The industrial union Casinos de France announced in a press release that the industry was ready to resume operations on December 15.

Casinos in France ready to restart on December 15th

Trade union Casinos de France published in Thursday Press release arguing that, following the recommendations of French Prime Minister Jean Castex and President Emmanuel Macron, casinos and the entertainment industry are confident they can resume operations December 15 and continue working all through Christmas New Year Holidays.

In a press release, the trade union argued that the reopening of cultural and entertainment venues is essential for the well-being of citizens and the economic activity associated with such businesses in many regions and cities in France.

While the holes are needed, they all need to be made according to government and health-issued safety and hygiene measures, the trade union said. On the other side of the English Channel, the UK is also gearing up to end the blockade and replace it with a staged approach to what companies and where they can resume.

French casinos ready to play football with the government

As stated in the press release, the trade union Casinos de France was working in this direction to allow the reopening casinos and places down games while maintaining all government measures.

When covid-19 first struck, the game rooms were among the first to take all necessary health and safety precautions, starting with June 2 . These measures included frequent disinfection of high-traffic areas, Plexiglas separators to protect consumers, and the compulsory wearing of masks.

All these checks are carried out within the strict framework issued today by Ministry of the Interior . With these security protocols, casinos leave no room for contamination on their gaming floors, the statement said.

Ready to go even further in consumer protection

In an official statement, the trade union said it was ready to go even further in providing consumer protection. This includes controlled casino entry points as well as a limited number of people who may be on the casino floors at a time.

Casinos are ready to guarantee the traceability of individual customers in the event of an infection, which they firmly say is unlikely, and stick to improved protocols decontamination and promote awareness-raising campaigns such as "TousAntiCovid" or "All Against Covid" as well as temperature controls.

It is necessary to reopen the casino

In its statement, Casinos de France underlines that the reopening of casinos is a must, citing the industry's impact on the economy. Industry employs directly 15,000 people, and indirectly next 45 000 . Every year the government is paid approx EUR 1.4 billion from taxes, of which 400 million euros is directly collected by municipalities.

Last but not least, the trade union noted that due to recent closings, consumers have turned to illegal casino sites that proliferated in the absence of legitimate gaming products. At the same time, online gambling increased sharply in the third quarter, according to the French National Gaming Authority (ANJ).

Such websites do not have any consumer protection measures, nor do they try to reduce addictive practices. Another issue with illegal websites is that that they do not conduct anti-money laundering (AML) practices and often serve as a conduit for criminal activities.

Allowing these operations to continue undermines the efforts of the Casinos de France to counteract such practices, which it has been doing for years, working closely with the relevant authorities.

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