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Gambling sites can operate safely within Tier 3 restrictions

England's gaming centers are desperately trying to convince the government that they can operate safely even with tier 3 restrictions. Currently, casinos and betting shops are closed due to a national lockout. November 5 which will last at least until December 2, but even with the lifting of the ban, the gaming sites belong to the category of companies that should remain closed in areas marked with 3 risk of virus transmission.

BGC CEO calls for consideration

Using the voice of the industry, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), casinos and bookmakers proposed to further limit their activities if they could remain open at level 3. In separate letters sent by Michael Dugher, CEO of BGC to cabinet ministers Michael Gove and Matt Hancock, a body in the gaming industry, outlined the will of their members to go beyond the restrictions put in place so far to ensure that they operate safely.

Casinos and betting shops have put in place a series of measures to ensure safe operations after reopening in the summer, and despite the lack of direct evidence that gaming devices contributed to the spread of the virus, operators are desperate to stay open. and ready to prove they are safe.

"... In order to further reassure you and the public that it is possible to open these companies to Level 3, our members have proposed to introduce further restrictions, for example on customer numbers, facilities and products available.

Michael Dugher, CEO, BGC

Casinos offer to stop playing live table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, limiting the number of people staying at the facilities to 25% capacity and stop selling alcohol if they can continue their activities outside the 22:00 curfew, as during this time of day they do about 70% your business.

Sportsbook stores felt unfairly treated as the only part of irrelevant retail sales ordered to close, but are willing to limit the amount of time customers spend in the stores as well as limit the number of people in the premises at any time. In addition, sports betting offers to close all their vending machines and hot drink outlets.

"I would be extremely grateful if you could seriously consider these measures that are being proactively proposed by our members to ensure further assurance that they are safe for reopening in Level 3 areas."

Michael Dugher, CEO, BGC

Negative impact on the gaming industry

The desperate attempt to convince the government takes place against the backdrop of a serious virus impact on the gaming industry, with 6 casinos permanently shutting down and one casino operator reducing employment by more than 40%.

"The effects of the pandemic are already being felt by the casino sector ... The casino companies had good balance sheets early in the year, the same is no longer the case with closing costs of £ 15m per month for some operators."

Michael Dugher, CEO, BGC

Casinos and major betting outlets keep you working 54 000 people and pay 1.5 billion pounds annually for the treasury. The casinos themselves generate £ 120 million annually in tourism expenses, while sportsbooks contribute 280 million pounds annually in the form of utilities and fees for the horse racing industry.

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