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The governor of Hawaii opposes the proposed Kapolei casino

After a recent 5-4 Hawaiian Homes Commission vote to build a casino in the land of the indigenous Kapolei people, state governor David Ige expressed skepticism about the economic benefits of the proposed project.

Hawaii Governor David Ige Cautious about proposed casino

The casino in Hawaii is a bit like Schrodinger's cat. It may or may not happen, and until it does - or not - we can't know which. This analogy may be wrongly chosen, but it describes the final doubts about the proposed Hawaii casino design.

Without a specific concept, Hawaiian Homes Commission insists on introducing the casino resort as an alternative source of income for a state that is heavily dependent on tourism for its financial well-being.

The global pandemic has nullified most of the impact Hawaiians had expected, and the Commission stepped up efforts by suggesting that Oahu should host the resort in order to diversify its tourist attractions.

But governor David Ige he opposed the idea and argued that the potential tax benefits of running a casino would be a fraction of what would ultimately cover the social costs of gambling.

Kapolei casino is not finished

However, the implementation of the project is ongoing and the Commission in vote 5-4 agreed to establish a casino on the lands belonging to the indigenous Hawaiians in Kapolei. However, in order for this project to come into effect, Governor Ige will have to include it in the legislative agenda next year.

However, the governor is skeptical of the economic value to the community. In fact, the governor believes there is no real economic value to be gained from it. Now, however, the Commission is insisting that a bill be passed which could allow the creation of a holiday resort in the foreseeable future.

However, the project is far from a finalized deal. The design, however, wrinkles some feathers. Traditionally, Hawaiians are the big gamblers, and their Las Vegas trips are one of the city's main sources of income.

Maybe not too many, but thousands of Hawaii visitors come to Vegas each year to enjoy gambling, which is illegal in most other states. According to Scott Roeben of Vital Vegas, even if the project is approved, despite opposition from the governor, Hawaii will have to attract a developer who is willing to invest.

The Hawaiian casino is no longer a finished deal, but despite the governor's remorse, it's thriving.

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