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Iowa: Prairie Meadow Casino Extends Mitigation Measures

Prairie Meadows Casino, Racetrack and Hotel in Iowa today announced an extension of stringent mitigation measures aimed at slowing the further spread of the coronavirus in the state. The extension will be valid until December 31, 2020.

The casino and racetrack operator has released an extensive list of measures taken to prevent transmission of the virus at the scene and as part of its initiative to contain the epidemic.

"It is our shared responsibility to mitigate and contain this virus for the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and the community in which we serve."

Gary Palmer, president and CEO of Prairie Meadows

Smoking is forbidden, masks compulsory

To optimize personal safety, the Arcade will continue to temporarily suspend all forms of smoking for both visitors and staff to ensure masks are worn correctly most of the time.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory at all times, so the property has limited the number of entrances to the property to allow staff to monitor the reception process to ensure that everyone is adequately covered when entering the property. Substitutes for face masks, such as face shields, neck guards, and masks with vents, will not be allowed on the property.

Eating only in designated places

Food consumption will only be permitted in designated areas: AJ's Steakhouse, Finish Line Show Lounge tables, Paddock Grill & Deli, including a nearby two-story lounge area. As proclaimed by the governor, the property's food and beverage sales will end at 22:00 until further notice.

Air ventilation and decontamination of property

The casino and racetrack will implement improved air ventilation and disinfection procedures to reduce the risk of virus droplets surviving longer and infecting others. Full air change occurs every 15 minutes through the use of a two-stage filtration process with antimicrobial treatment, while a stringent cleaning schedule will be used to sanitize properties with high-quality disinfectants and electrostatic sprayers.

“Our vigilance will now make us even more successful when it is safer to resume normal full-scale operations. I am really grateful for the patience and flexibility that both our team and customers have given us at this critical time. ”

Gary Palmer, president and CEO of Prairie Meadows

Iowa's most popular entertainment venue offers "continuous casino action, live horse racing and simulcast, sports betting, brand entertainment, local and regional music performances, and comprehensive dining facilities." stay. The property employs nearly 1,300 employees, with a further 200 being added seasonally during the spring and summer months.

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