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Memorial Day to see Pennsylvania's casinos back to normal

When COVID-19 first entered the US and forced casinos to halt operations, it was expected that perhaps the virus would only be around for a few months. That has turned into a year and a countdown, but it feels like the worst is over. Casino operators have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to restore their properties to the 100% and some in Nevada, New York and New Jersey are already there or nearby. Pennsylvania can now add his name to this list, and the governor Tom Wolf announces Day of Memory on the day the casinos are able to resume normal operations.

Pennsylvania casinos ready for recovery

Wolf announced last Tuesday that all COVID-19 restrictions in the state will be lifted from Memorial Day on May 31. The only exception is the use of masks in public places, which will appear as soon as more than 18-state 70% is vaccinated. Currently, this percentage is around 42%, according to data available from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yesterday. Even Pennsylvania's bars and restaurants are back to normal by the end of the month.

There is one caveat to state casinos that, however, needs to be clarified. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board may take more restrictive measures, and so can city leaders. This could potentially harm two casinos in Philadelphia, Rivers Casino and Live! A casino that is on the whim of City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley. If it doesn't work in time, these two places won't be able to be reopened on Remembrance Day. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Farley hasn't responded since yesterday.

Casinos come back to life quickly

Four of the six casinos in Maryland have returned to capacity 100%, and the game revenue in the state is better than in 2019. Many casinos in Nevada have been allowed to revert to 80 - 100% of their normal capacity and are quickly rebounded as well. The state of New York came shortly after Nevada, and New Jersey ends its COVID-19 restrictions as of May 19. Changes in these and other states indicate the United States is likely close to leaving the coronavirus pandemic behind.

Pennsylvania leaders are ready for the changes to come and put the state back in order. Representative Bridget Kosierowski said in a statement: “Lifting Memorial Day mitigation orders and announcing that masking orders will be lifted when 70 percent of Pennsylvania adults are fully vaccinated are all the benefits of following scientific research and medical data. While waiting for help, we've made a lot of sacrifices over the past year. " While it has been a difficult time for everyone, it's time to learn from the past and move on to the future.

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