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MGM's Mandalay Bay and Mirage will remain closed Monday through Thursday

MGM Resorts International is experimenting with operational times, cutting the schedule mid-week for The Mirage and Mandalay Bay.

Mandalay Bay and Mirage are closed mid-week

The Las Vegas Strip is dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic in a piecemeal fashion. On the one hand, we have Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak which he got positive test for presence new coronavirus and confirmed earlier this week that there are all options to limit the spread of infection in Silver State.

Now two Strip resorts have opted to cut welfare services all week as the pandemic appears to be offensive again, lowering visitor numbers after a brief rebound in September and hampering reconstruction through the state and businesses.

On Friday MGM Resorts International confirmed that it will suspend hotel operations in The Mirage and Mandalay Bay from Monday to Thursday, taking measures from November 30.

In an official statement, the company said it was on top of the situation and was adapting to it as it evolved. However, MGM will try to avoid extended closure by adding:

"While we currently do not expect the mid-week hotel closings to remain outside December, we will continue to evaluate business levels to determine how long they will last."

-MGM Resorts International

Pass the corner

One of the things casino businesses have learned during the pandemic is that overtaking it certainly pays off. The risk of a higher infection rate with nominal business profit does not make sense, which is why Las Vegas real estate is focusing their efforts on time windows and days of the week where demand is warranted.

This does not mean that casinos are playing with people's lives, as extensive research seems to support the claim that casinos are among the safest places.

The reduction in amenities during the week is expected to have a positive impact on the business as MGM will be able to focus on a specific timeframe and provide the necessary care, which the company has been doing for months.

The news that MGM will make changes to its schedule mid-week came in late October during the talking about the results companies behind 3rd quarter and was confirmed by the company this Friday. MGM owns 10 resorts on the Strip and appears to be a business joins the appeal of Governor Sisolak to the inhabitants of last week about staying at home and limiting contact with others.

Of course, MGM is concerned about another blockage that could have a negative impact on the business and its employees, and the company is taking the necessary steps to limit any side effects.

Nevada is battling new infections

Silver State faced a new challenge in trying to keep the number of infections low. Nevada has twice reported over 2,000 positive infections this week, similar to the levels it saw before extortion 78-day shutdown .

MGM Resorts suffered hard in the second quarter, which proved to be the toughest for the casino industry, with the company posting a $ 1 billion operating loss. Meanwhile, gaming revenues remained low in September.

In fact, both gross gaming revenue and visitors fell by 45% and 55%, with the numbers covering the period from June down September. To deal with this and more, MGM has withdrawn from running some facilities outside the weekends. The measure is concerned MGM park, and Palazzo remains closed Monday through Thursday.

Others followed in a similar vein, a Caesars Entertainment Rio said it would resume operations ahead of the new main event, "Hybrid".

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