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Nagasaki sets a private partner selection date for fall 2021.

Officials in the Prefecture Nagasaki announced in Wednesday resumption request for quotation (RFP) concerning the selection of a partner from the private sector to participate with the local government in the nationwide race for integrated casino (IR) . According to the published new schedule, the RFP, which was posted in September as a backburner, will be resumed in January 2021.

A revised consultation on the implementation policy of the implementing rules

The new RFP schedule was released as part of a public consultation Nagasaki officials began Wednesday to gather public opinion on the revised policy to implement the prefecture's implementing rules. The revised draft contained guidelines for safeguards against gambling addiction and protection against gambling risks for young people, as well as measures to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases in casinos.

According to the new schedule, the process of selecting a private sector partner should be completed between the summer and fall of 2021. Nagasaki expects that by winter 2021 at the latest. In cooperation with a private company, it will develop a IR development plan so that it can submit its proposal in spring 2022. the government.

In April, the municipality published its IR Kyushi-Nagasaki Basic Concept, in which it explained in detail the basic assumptions of the IR project, including its potential and goals, what facilities should be built and how they should function, and measures to deal with gambling addiction.

Infrared localization has great potential

Nagasaki decided to create an integrated resort with a casino in the vicinity of the amusement park Huis Ten Bosch, on 31 hectares of land strategically located to attract foreign visitors in addition to local ones. He lives within 1,500 km of this place 1 billion people, which has great potential for the project and could attract a potential private sector partner.

In September, Nagasaki Prefecture announced that, based on information from multiple sources, the national government would delay the IR project by 6 months to 1 year, and Nagasaki decided to pause the RFP process for selecting a private sector partner indefinitely.

At that time, the interest in Nagasaki IR tilt from 3 large private sector companies, the Japanese company, was confirmed Current Corp, local unit Casinos Austria International Holding GmbHand also listed in Hong Kong Oshidori International Holdings Ltd, and currently fourth candidate, a consortium led by a Tokyo-listed company Pixel Companyz Inc.

Ahead of the new schedule for requests for proposals published in Nagasaki, the national government delayed the local government application period, which is due to begin October 2021 And end up April 28, 2022. With the new schedule and if the challenge for one of the three available IR spots is successful, Nagasaki expects the casino to be operational in the second half of the decade.

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