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Nova Scotia, Canada joins the online casino gaming boom

Nova Scotia and some other Atlantic provinces are leaving Atlantic Canada for overseas gambling sites and have decided to legalize this activity and open an online casino games website.

Atlantic provinces will soon receive online casino games

Nova Scotia has made a decision - from spring this year it will host online casino games to strengthen weak finances and liberalize a market long dominated by illegal players. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation launched the New Brunswick website last year, but the Atlantic provinces are next.

However, final approval from local authorities would be needed before Atlantic Corp. will be able to launch his online gaming product, and that is exactly what Nova Scotia did on Friday, confirming that it will host the casino website, signed by the board.

Explaining about the development of the casino website, Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation confirmed that the development costs will be spread over all provinces willing to participate in the development of such a product.

Understandably, gambling advocates had a retreat, arguing that a New Brunswick website encouraged reckless gambling. While the rest of the world sets strict limits on the amount players can bet online, operations at New Brunswick have allowed them to place wagers of $ 100 per slot and $ 500 per blackjack hand.

There is a concern that financial grief coupled with isolation and lockdown can lead to reckless spending behavior and financial ruin.

Legalize online gambling now for everyone's benefit, says Corp.

In presenting its arguments, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation said the estimated $ 100 million is already leaving the Atlantic provinces due to offshore gambling that is not blocked, monitored or controlled in Canada.

The offshore gambling phantom has haunted Canada since the early days of online casinos, without any strict laws. However, Atlantic Corp. believes that having a regulated website is the safest solution to solving gambling problems and regulating the pace of games.

Nova Scotia has no gambling issues to address this issue, however, following the closure of Nova Scotia's Gambling Awareness last year.

Nova Scotia is not the only province to expand its online gambling. Earlier, Prince Edward Island confirmed that it will seek to launch an online gambling site in partnership with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

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