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QTech Games introduces the game-changing online progressive jackpot feature

The Asian leader in game distribution, QTech Games, has launched a new feature, Network Progressive Jackpot, which is expected to lead to greater player retention and engagement.

QTech introduces the Network Progressive Jackpot feature

Network Progressive Jackpot is the industry's first prize feature launched by QTech Games. It is available for 28 Blueprint Gaming jackpot games from the Jackpot King Deluxe system such as Grand (Jackpot King), Major (Regal) and Mini (Royal). It is well known in the industry around the world that jackpots are a driver of player retention.

Online progressive jackpots are accumulated from a small percentage of the qualifying bets of players. They are added to the gradually growing prize fund. Jackpots are shared among several casinos, which definitely tempts players. This feature can be of benefit to existing and emerging operators. If they joined the progressive jackpot pool, they would have to have bottomless liquidity.

The goal of QTech Games is to provide the highest quality content optimization for local distribution to both existing and potential customers. The company continues to attract more and more brands. Along with this groundbreaking feature, QTech adds to its suite of progressive products machine learning software that has winning triggers. It aims to provide an authentic, trustworthy, and true digital end-user retention system.

QTech partners can check jackpot details, payout values and contributions via the user-friendly back-office feature. Its API allows managers to see real-time balance in any currency, game or prize pool information, and jackpot ID.

Online progressive jackpots are part of the "prize wave to help raise all boats"

QTech has a mission to revolutionize the market. The company recently introduced Evolution to Asia as part of its market development strategy. By signing a deal with a major content provider, QTech has brought a full suite of live casino games to Asia.

The CCO at QTech Games, Ulf Norder, stated that the company is a leading platform for emerging markets, but there is much more to it. QTech provides value and driving force to the industry in every way possible. A progressive jackpot system based on the accumulation of players' bets would act as a multi-operator win accelerator.

From Asia to Eastern Europe and Latin America, QTech is expanding its reach to provide an immersive gaming experience in a wide variety of markets. Last year, the company entered into an agreement with Spearhead Studios to gain access to QTech Games markets on all continents.

Norder also said operators understand the importance of progressive jackpots and see them as effective marketing tools. That said, the company is pleased to see the groundbreaking Network Progressive Jackpot feature keep players coming back yearning for more great titles from the top-quality portfolio of a wide range of well-known providers.

According to him, the leading position of the company on the market is ensured. It is the only aggregator with the right technology and innovative features such as an AI-based recommendation engine, tournament and jackpot elements. The online progressive jackpots are just part of the "innovative surge of prizes that helps raise all boats."

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