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The online gambling market in Spain is growing in 2020

The latest BtoBet report reveals the growth of the online gambling market in Spain. In 2020, the market generated 643.7 million GGR, an increase of 13.7%.

The new report provides insight into the GGR for 2020 in Spain

In 2020, the Spanish online gambling market generated . 7 million gross gaming revenue (GGR), according to a recent report BtoBet . Compared to 2019, the result means year-on-year increase by 13. 7% . In addition to the GGR, the increase in players' deposits was also recorded by 19. 48% and the payouts which increased by 21. 1%.

Looking at the broader perspective, the report admits that The online gambling industry in the country has grown by 268% since 2015. The main reason for this growth was the easy access to online gambling and smartphones. Moreover, undoubtedly more people " they got more used to the idea of distance gambling ”Says the BtoBet report.

Focusing on sports betting, in 2020, had the largest market share, reaching 365.14 million GGR . This figure represents the 42,92% industry share last year. Sports betting has proved resilient despite the impact COVID-19 has had on the sports calendar worldwide. However, year-over-year comparison of registered users shows a decrease of 3,48%. Additionally, in the case of live sports betting there was a decline of 4.57%, while pre-game registration fell by 2.66% in 2020.

28% Casino Gambling Signs Growth 2020

Looking at the GGR, we can see that casino gambling was responsible for 350.8 million or 23% local industry in 2020. The report confirms that 28. 39 percent increase year on year was recorded in gambling in casinos. The main reason for this was the lower number of sporting events, as a result of which operators " they were cross-selling their players during the absence of live sporting events ". In 2020, the number of active online gambling accounts increased by 15. 3% to 2, 933,643 players. In addition, the number of active players increased to 1,481,804, an increase of 8,36%.

Live roulette and slots dominate the online casino vertical

The article presents the breakdown of the casino GGR. In 2020, Live roulette along with slots has dominated the online casino industry . In total, two activities were generated EUR 10.5 billion turnover , with a total turnover of 11. 6 billion a year. According to the newspaper, live roulette marked with 42.7% increase in 2020 with a turnover of EUR 4.1 billion. On the other hand, the slot machines had a turnover of 5.1 billion euros, which means 21.49% increase from 2019 . Additionally, blackjack also saw strong growth in 2020. The game reached EUR 1.088 billion in turnover, which is a 13.75% increase compared to 2019. In addition, blackjack turnover was 9.37% of total turnover.

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