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Call for proposals launched at City of Richmond Casino Resort

The call for applications for the future Richmond City Casino is officially open and applicants can submit their application until February 22, 2021.

Richmond announces a call for proposals at the Casino Resort

Following the presentation of the call for proposals in early December, the city of Richmond finally moves to the next stage, the mayor's administration announced yesterday Levar Stoney.

Going further, tenderers to set up a holiday casino in the city or on its outskirts may submit their proposals, but not later than by 3 p.m. February 22 2021, Given in an official statement.

However, once the proposal has been approved by the administration, voters will have to assess the economic and social benefits and disadvantages and vote on whether the project should go ahead in the first place.

The selection process will be based on the views of experts, input from local authorities, as well as the views of voters. All of this is possible thanks to a pre-signed piece of legislation that has been approved by the governor of Virginia Ralph Northam earlier this year and now scheduled for November next year.

However, before the referendum takes place, the city will have to approve one of shortlisted candidates and propose a decision to voters. The City of Richmond will seek a process that is transparent and allows voters to follow through at every stage of planning.

When commenting on a future casino or efforts to build it, Mayor Stoney added: "This competitive selection process will allow us to find the best opportunity for Richmond, an economic development project that includes well-paid jobs and employee training opportunities."

To qualify for a project, the successful candidate must present convincingly benefit community economic and socialStoney concluded.

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