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The Plaza in Las Vegas adds AI to the fight against Covid and Crime

Plaza intends to use artificial intelligence provided by Patriots One Technologies Inc. to detect customer body temperature and identify potentially dangerous people hiding weapons near the property.

Plaza Las Vegas integrates Artificial Intelligence to reduce crime, reduce infection

Las vegas has seen many challenges in recent weeks and months. The city has been engulfed by a wave of business closings, and the new one is probably approaching now as state governor Nevada. Steve Sisolak tries to balance the economy and the welfare of the general public. The economic downturn and a sharp decline in tourism increased crime rates and led to a spike in crime in the prime tourist area of Las Vegas.

To counteract this and protect consumers from COVID-19, Plaza Hotel & Casino installs artificial intelligence devices to try to preemptively thwart similar incidents, including but not limited to shootings, assaults, and fights. While crime decreased across the city, the number of aggravated seizures increased by 29% year-on-year in October.

Covid-19 cases have also increased as the state published 2,269 new infections in Saturday, and mortality soared earlier this week.

Plaza now implements a technology known as the Threat Detection Platform multi-sensor PATSCAN developed by Patriots One Technologies Inc.which allows you to successfully detect body temperature, the use of a mask, and a hidden weapon, alerting Plaza's security to aberrations.

With the New Year's Eve holidays and fireworks looming, casinos are looking to optimize security measures related to both crime and Covid-19 infections. As Plaza CEO says Jay Franken, the technology is discreet, allowing the casino to discreetly serve customers while increasing the security of the premises.

Any potential threats are reported as soon as the system detects them. For those who doubt the usefulness of the solution, the CEO of Patriot One, Peter Evans, he says the technology has a 95 percent accuracy rate and is willing to stick to his words.

Restoring trust in business customers

The technology actually works both ways, says Evans. On the one hand, it clearly increases the security of casinos and companies, but on the other hand "Restores confidence in customers", helping staff not to bother unsuspecting people, but instead uses artificial intelligence to solve potential threats.

For now PATSCAN will serve to improve existing security protocols, which include, but are not limited to, manual visitor checking. Security staff ask for ID badges, measure body temperature, and make sure guests are familiar with security protocols once inside the property.

The combined ability of PATSCAN to deal with both the epidemic and prevent potentially fatal incidents makes it a powerful ally for every Las Vegas business, including casinos that adorn the Las Vegas Strip.

The technology was not designed to help with health emergencies, but the fact that it could mean more Las Vegas facilities may find it useful to integrate PATSCAN technology into strategic areas.

The CEO of Patriot One is confident that Plaza will extend the annual contract signed under the current contract.

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