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Two Star Casino employees dismissed and banned for misconduct

Star Casino in Sydney, Australia fired two casino specialty employees for misconduct. As a result, the NSW Liquor and Gaming Authority banned two employees from working for 5 years.

Two employees made redundant by Star Casino

Two employees Star Casino in Sydney In Australia have been released and banned for misconduct. After Star laid off his staff responsible for overseeing gaming activities, he contacted Liquor and Gaming Authority in New South Wales (NSW). Therefore, the Office decided to ban the work of "special casino employees"who have breached their obligations for a period of five years.

With this in mind, two employees will not be allowed to enter the casino during this period. Moreover, the Office also contacted NSW Police Casino and Racing Unit on employee misconduct.

President of the Office, Philip Crawford, he explained that " the casino specialist is a licensee involved in overseeing and facilitating gambling". Moreover, he revealed that that it is the responsibility of casino specialty employees to “protect the integrity of the casino's operations against the influence of criminals, serious misconduct or exploitation. " Crawford also emphasized that these employees have particular trust. In conclusion, it revealed that the operator rightly dismissed two employees and reported their misconduct.

Misconduct by Former Employees

One of the redundant workers was a game dealer. When he was off duty, a CCTV camera casinos caught him throwing a sack of an unknown substance to the balcony overlooking the city. While searching the area, casino security found a bag of white powder.

Security then questioned the dealer that he did not know what the substance was and that he found it in his pocket and wanted to throw it away. Therefore, in April this year, the man was brought to trial drug possession.

The second employee was a longtime gaming worker. A lady who worked at Star Casino by 11 years old, confessed to having problems with gambling. The employee confessed to bringing about 28 bets via the gambling app when it was on shift in January and February this year.

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