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Vegas is back to normal as regulators realize Online is the place to be

Several casinos in Las vegas returned to pre-COVID-19 operational levels, met state vaccination requirements for their employees. Wynn Resorts has returned to 100% capacity at its two Strip properties after demonstrating that 88% of manpower there she received the vaccine and now Cosmopolitan has joined. Full reopening has been allowed after evidence has been presented to gaming regulators that the 80% of its workforce has been vaccinated and will now be able to waive the social and non-social distancing requirements that have been in place since mid-last year. While Nevada venues are struggling to improve things, gaming regulators may have realized that the iGaming segment deserves more attention and are rumored to be discussing online casino approval for the first time.

Vegas is moving fast towards rebuilding

Just a few days ago, Las Vegas casinos may have considered upgrading to 80%, although some parts of Nevada have been forced to keep their COVID 19 restrictions a little longer. With the two Wynn properties and now Cosmopolitan reaches 100% , there is growing optimism about a recovery in the summer. The Cosmopolitan released a reboot statement, and the CEO Bill McBeath He explained that he "couldn't have been more proud" of the workforce for "doing his part" to protect Vegas.

Employees had an incentive to get vaccinated, which certainly helped to achieve a quick return to 100%. Cosmopolitan has donated nearly $ 1 million in cash bonuses to workers who receive the vaccine, provided they get injections by May 8. Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) she showed appreciation for the vaccinations, stating that the property had set a standard that all other property should strive to achieve. NGCB CEO Brin Gibson wants Cosmopolitan executives to "share their methodology, strategy and success with the wider hospitality industry."

Nevada will consider opening an iGaming segment

Nevada has long been the capital of casinos in the US, if not the world, but it's also very restrictive. Gaming regulators tightly control what can and cannot be offered, and even as essentially the only state offering sports gambling before beating PASPA in 2018, sports gambling options were limited. However, it has found that a different mindset is now fully in effect, possibly fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Gambling regulators are not only relaxing the state's sports gambling laws, but will consider the unthinkable - a legal and regulated iGaming market.

According to Howard Stutz of CDC Gaming Reports, NGCB is going to hold a workshop next week to discuss the idea of allowing state casinos to launch an online version of their gaming business. In addition, it is expected to consider allowing online registration of mobile gambling - including sports games - and may eventually approve the lifting of "rules restricting interactive gaming to playing poker". Online poker is legal in the state, but the requirement for personal registration has made the segment a serious hassle.

This workshop is only the first step and there will be no voting. However, this is a huge step and an indication that change is likely to come in Nevada. Before making any final decision, both NGCB and the Nevada Gaming Commission would need to sign off on the changes before they can be implemented.

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