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The woman tries to kill the man because he only brought $ 5 on the day

The woman set the door to the apartment of the man she went on a date with, setting herself on fire in an attempt to kill him as he only brought $ 5 to the Jerry's Nugget Casino restaurant. She is accused of attempted first degree murder. The crime was reported last October.

A woman tries to kill a man because he brought $ 5 for a date at a casino restaurant

A woman is charged with murder after an escalating quarrel in casino restaurant with her date. Obviously man who's on a date in Jerry's Nugget Casinonear downtown Las Vegas only brought $ 5, became a victim of an enraged woman who followed him home and tried to kill him, by setting fire.

Kimberly Marika Johnson, 43, has been charged with the offense of attempted first degree homicide by arson. Her preliminary hearing is designated for January 25 through North Las Vegas Justice Court. The crime occurred last October and the complaint was filed last month. Kimberly Johnson was jailed on Tuesday.

Johnson met her date in casino restaurant for breakfast. While on a date, she found out that the man only brought in $ 5. The conversation turned into an argument. Then she forced the man to move to his apartment that was two and a half miles away, located in an apartment complex.

The victim told the police that Kimberly Johnson has arrived to him 20 minutes after him and appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Then, early in the morning, he heard the front door slam and open the door, Johnson lit gas fumes.

The door caught fire when he closed it, but then she picked up the hammer and tried break through the front window apartments below. Kimberly Johnson's purse caught fire when she dropped it into the apartment, according to a police report. The man told the police that she tried to kill him by setting fire.

The crime rate in downtown Las Vegas is higher than the national average

At the beginning of last year crime levels in Downtown Las Vegas was estimated at 93% higher than average national index. However, it was reported at the time that most crimes were related to pickpocketing. In early January this year, it was announced that police detained 1,200 people during a three-month crime-reduction operation in Las Vegas.

Police Captain Dori Koren stated that Command of the Department's Congress Center carried out 1,229 arrests and confiscated firearms people in the area. According to her, in September criminal activity has increased on the Las Vegas Strip, and crimes are concerned mainly firearms.

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