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The Dutch authorities examine a professional footballer for a yellow card

The yellow card issued while playing the Eredivisie prompted the Dutch authorities to investigate whether the player was setting a propbet for someone he knows.

"Fixing In Place" now triggers a response from the authorities

The Dutch police are investigating what could be a potential match setup during Eredivisie game . According to the authorities, the case concerns a violation of " consisting in repairing on the spot " as a result of which players get paid for not trying to change the endgame of the game so much to take effect, but to cause various accidents that are offered as betting options at bookmakers.

Scatter corrections can also be referred to as proposition bets, as satisfied players try to come up with specific conditions in the game that reduce the risk of being spotted but can still be bet and therefore add value to the side that is betting.

One of them may be "Receiving a yellow card" which is exactly what happened during the game involving the player. This is the first time that authorities have considered potential spot repairs in the country.

According to a police investigation, the player has placed bets totaling the amount € 3,000 per player which earned the player about € 13,000 in total payout. Authorities decided not to disclose the player's name, but Sparta Rotterdam informed it was it Tom Beugelsdijk who was waiting for an investigation.

Authorities may have found out that the player has arranged bets with someone he knows. Interestingly, the police were only alerted because the player they were investigating did not have a single yellow card this season, which made them suspicious of how the player scored a yellow card.

Strange yellow cards will make you a suspect

If it was indeed Beugelsdijk, then he received a yellow card for playing hard, far from the goal, making the attack unjustified and getting him a yellow card. Sparta, however, expressed confidence that Beugelsdijk would continue to play and remain with the team. Until the investigation is completed the club cannot take disciplinary action.

Interestingly, the Netherlands is one of the strictest jurisdictions when it comes to illegal gambling, but the country did not take match-fixing that seriously. However, with the increasing threat of cheating in sports and the increasing ingenuity of fixers, authorities must get a stronger response to prevent anyone trying to fix the game he thought twice because the consequences can end in a career.

Match fixing happens at all levels of the sport, but mostly in the lower tiers and leagues where officials will certainly be more likely to turn a blind eye to violations. Sportradar warned that "match-fixing cancer is back" and that criminals are increasingly inventive in avoiding suspicion.

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