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FanDuel is getting closer to the launch of fantasy Sports gambling in Louisiana

A total of 55 parishes in Louisiana operate sports betting. While FanDuel is currently working with local authorities to bring its product to market, lawmakers must give the go-ahead. If the Louisiana legislature approves the action, it could be launched just in time for the football season to start.

Will Louisiana launch Daily Fantasy Games soon?

The beginning of this year's football season may prove to be extremely exciting for sports fans in Louisiana . Although the state did not allow for fantastic sports betting last year, the business could be launched just in time for the football season to kick off. Three years ago 47 parishes in Louisiana have approved daily fantasy games . On the other hand, the inhabitants of the parish 17 voted against the action .

Now, according to FanDuel's director of government affairs, Stacie Stern who recently spoke to KLFY , the company is in talks with you regarding the launch of its product . Stern acknowledged introducing fantastic sports betting for a "big step" . In addition, she acknowledged that Louisiana is a state with a significant sports fan base, which makes the launch of FanDuel even more exciting. With that in mind, local authorities were ahead of the running of fantasy sports facilities in Louisiana they must geofencing around the 17 parishes that voted against the action .

Last year, more parishes supported sports betting in the state, reaching a total of 55 parishes for activities. So far Nine drafts are analyzed by legislators before the business can go live. The activity is to be taxed at 8% and is forecasted Louisiana will receive between 10 $ and 20 million per year .

According to Stern, having legal and regulated sports betting in Louisiana is undoubtedly important for its inhabitants . In addition, she admitted that taxes will also bring the state " little income ". The next move is now up to the state legislature to vote on the proposals. The final decision on this matter will be made next month.

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