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Fixed table tennis matches bring the former player AU 438,000 $

A 41-year-old Australian former table tennis player allegedly won AU $ 438,000 in 7 months last year by placing more than 1000 bets on fixed table tennis tournament matches prior to arrest in December.

Betting on Table Tennis Matches

Adam Michael Green, who has placed bets with Australian online bookmakers from his home in Newcastle, has faced multiple charges and police have evidence of more than 6,500 pages against him, attorney Drew Hamilton revealed to Newcastle County Court during Friday's hearing.

Adam Green, who did not appear at the hearing, was charged with one number of bets with damaged information relating to a sporting event, one number of cases where the proceeds of crime were used with intent to conceal, and two cases of giving the corrupted information to other people who knew they would use it for purposes related to betting.

Green is charged with placing 1,170 bets between May 16, 2020 and December 15, 2020, information on fixed matches and established contingencies in matches from table tennis events in Eastern Europe, and dealing with crime proceeds of AU $ 204 , 383. 79 with the intention of hiding it.

Sharing corrupted information with others

According to a police report, Adam Michael Green passed on fixed matches information to two other people, Luke Savill from the UK and his brother Matthew Green, knowing they would both be using it for betting purposes.

In December, detectives from the Organized Crime Unit of the State Crime Command, in association with Sports Integrity Australia , founded Strike Force Brombal due to allegedly corrupt betting activities by an international gambling syndicate, and An investigation led to the arrest of a former top table tennis player.

Sports Integrity Australia started operations last year, set up by the Australian Government. as part of its sporting integrity and strategy of having a single nationally coordinated organization addressing all aspects of sport integrity, including the use of prohibited substances and methods, the exploitation of children and others in the sporting environment, and the manipulation of sports competitions.

Last month, Australian police, in conjunction with the FBI, arrested many Australian Counter Strike players for match fixing and illegal betting. According to information provided by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), the investigation revealed that the problem of "classic match fixing" was much deeper than expected and involved North America.

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