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Jurassic Park slot review

Jurassic Park theme

If you know this video, you will like this slot machine theme. In fact, this is one of the few games that use what is known as parallax scrolling - a technique where background images move slightly slower than foreground images. It's a pretty cool effect that enhances your immersion into the game. The slot is embedded in the dark jungle as the camera moves across the shadowy leaves - never predicting where a dinosaur might pop out from. Climbers and vines fall from the screen, and the amazing music is intertwined with the jungle-like chirping and crackling. Meanwhile, there are many popular characters from the movie on the drums, including the average T-rex. Also on the drums are Ian Malcolm, Ellie Sattler, John Hammond and Alan Grant.

Jurassic Park Features

While you will find a lot of information about the features of slots in our online casino frequently asked questions, let's talk specifically about our Jurassic Park slot machines review. There's only one way we can think of to describe the features of this game, and that's super cool. During gameplay, small movie clips are displayed, dinosaurs roar and pop, and human figures are also present. If that doesn't make the Nostalgia Indicator tick, we're not exactly sure what's going to happen.

Jurassic Park Slot Free Spins feature

If you are a fan of the free spins features, you are going to go to waste when you play Jurassic Park slots. There are five free spins features we need to talk about.

The mosquito in the game is a scatter icon. Three of them trigger a free spins round where you can earn cash prizes. Mini features like run wilds, wild multipliers, split wilds and multiplier win open up more ways to win.

The first free spins mode comes from T-rex and is laced with wild reels that turn adjacent symbols into wildcards. When you see the T-Rex, you're guaranteed to win something. When you enter a round of free spins 25 times or more, you can play other free spins modes where you can choose the mode suited to your bets. You can win up to 12 free spins on each feature.

The next free spins feature is wild and split wild symbols. When Velociraptor is stacked three symbols deep on your reels, you can win 4x to 6x your stake.

The round Brachiosaurus free spins are the next step. It may no longer be one of the largest dinosaurs that ever existed. This free spins mode makes the dinosaur proud, letting you win 2x to 6x the stake for up to 6 spins. This mode also has the ability to trigger again.

There's also a Triceratops free spins mode which features a pile of re-spins, run wilds, and random nudges. If you get working wilds, wilds are added to each free spin, with three symbols per stack. The boars then become sticks and remain locked on the reels for even more spins.

Finally, the Dilophosaurus free spins bonus mode is wilds winning free spins features. When this ancient dinosaur appears on your reels, it splits the symbol and turns it into a wild boar. If the winning wild comes in the right combination, it is static and carries even more wins.

Jurassic Park slot bonus round feature

As you can see, there are several types of free spins features, all of which are based on different dinosaurs. Bonus rounds are activated when you are lucky enough to have three or more scatter symbols on the reels. Each feature has its own soundtrack and environment, plus lots of features and mini-features. On average, they appear every 100 turns or something.

Jurassic Park Slot Wild

The wild feature in this game is the symbol of Jurassic Park. You can't miss it - it's straight from the movie. The symbol can appear on any reel, and with 100 Ways to Win it is extremely easy to get extra wins. Wild symbols can even appear in stacks, increasing their value. In fact, the wild symbol in this game can stack for anything except the amber bonus symbol. Some of the best payouts in the game also come from the wild symbol. For example, if you bet 3 $. You will get up to $ 80 for five of the same. As Jurassic Park Wild is cumulative, you'll usually get multiples of your winnings when they line up on your reels.

Jurassic Park Slot Scatter

The basic concept in this game is that the symbols running from left to right disperse making it easier to hit winning combinations. Basically, you can line up the matching symbols from left to right, no matter where they might land. Collect three or more scatters on your reels and your free spins bonus round will be triggered.

Jurassic Park Play for real money

If this Jurassic Park slot review has got you banged up a bit, it's time to check out our online casino reviews to find out where you can play Jurassic Park slots. You can usually find this game at any casino affiliated with Microgaming and you can play it on your desktop or mobile device.

Jurassic Park symbols and salary table

jurassic park slot paylines

Jurassic Park Assessment

Like all of our latest slot reviews, we need to give the game a rating. This is an exciting slot machine with lots of chances of winning. This is a game that you can spend hours playing without getting bored. The game offers impeccable technical quality, and the overall layout couldn't be more perfect. We also like that this game has low betting limits and the relatively high RTP guaranteed a win if you were on a winning streak. The numerous free spins rounds are a big bonus here and we are not ashamed to say that this is one of the best Microgaming slots ever. When it comes to ratings, this one gets a solid ten out of ten, two thumbs up and a couple of nailed fives.

Jurassic Park - frequently asked questions

What is the return percentage for a player in Jurassic Park?

When it comes to playing slots, the most important element is Return to Player (RTP). Jurassic Park has a high RTP, sitting at 96.67%. This means that when victories come, they are worth playing for.

Is there a native app for Jurassic Park slot?

No, there is no application just for this slot. However, you can play at any casino that offers an app slot or that can be played on your mobile or tablet via your browser.

Can I play Jurassic Park slots for free?

This is good news for players who like to try out a slot machine before risking their own money. You can play Jurassic Park slot for free in demo mode, with all symbols and overall gameplay exactly the same as when playing for real money.

What is the paytable at Jurassic Park Slots Casino?

Like other online slots, this game's paytable has its own set of symbols including characters and wildcards straight from the movie. The maximum payout is also impressive.

Does this slot machine have any additional functions?

The bonus features are what often makes a slot try or break it. Since Microgaming wasn't shy about using this iconic game title, don't expect anything other than a slot machine filled with wild symbols, scattering, and a few extra free spins features.

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