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NJ increases casino capacity to 35%, raises Super Bowl curfew

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey issued a new decree suspending the curfew for entertainment venues including casinos and increasing capacity to the 35%.

Entertainment companies will have a rest thanks to the new order of management

New Jersey is gearing up for the Super Bowl weekend with Governor Phil Murphy giving the go-ahead to boost bar and restaurant performance to the 35% from 20%. By ordinance, the governor also lifts the 10 p.m. curfew, which previously limited the opening hours of such establishments, including entertainment venues such as casinos.

According to Governor Murphy, the healthcare system will be able to cope with current infection rates, and the state does not expect any new increase in infections. The governor said the current capacity increase will not increase the stress healthcare workers experience when treating COVID-19 patients.

Governor Murphy reportedly discussed the measure first with the Atlantic County Council of Commissioners, which asked him to further lift the restrictions so that the company could, to some extent, begin to revive.

Many bets, including Atlantic City casinos and bookmakers, are concerned that restrictions during the Super Bowl LV will lead to a reduction in overall service. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), bookmakers are right to expect a lower handle.

On the other hand, occupancy should not be a problem as Massachusetts recently lifted the restrictions and made it clear that the 25% occupancy limit is not an issue as casinos are rarely busier than the 25% which has become the norm.

Super Bowl digital betting is on the rise as retail collapses

Consequently, much more important for casinos, for example, is the lifting of the curfew, which has completely suspended operation during the times that are possibly the busiest for these establishments.

Meanwhile, the AGA has confirmed that a third of all Super Bowl bets will come from mobile devices. More specifically, approximately 7.6 million Americans - out of an expected 23.2 million - will be betting remotely.

According to BetMGM's Vice President of Trading, Jason Scott, digital betting will lead as retail sales decline, down 61% from 2020, in line with AGA's early outlook. However, New Jersey remains one of the hottest places to bet.

The total number of bets released by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement was $ 6 billion and Garden State's results continued to grow in the final quarter of 2020.

The Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce welcomed the decree as a way to return to normal.

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