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Richmond, BC Receives 400,000 $ in casino deposits

Richmond has so far received over $ 400,000 in donations to school parenting groups to support extracurricular activities, part of the wider Community Gaming Grants initiative in British Columbia.

The Educational PACs in Richmond receive substantial in-game donations

Initiative British Columbia Community Gaming Grants pays off off because parenting school groups in Richmond received $ 414,300 from the province's gambling revenue sharing program.

The money was used to support extracurricular activities, and the funds are managed Ministry of Urban Affairswhich collects a portion of all gambling income in British Columbia and donates it to supporting education in the province.

According to official figures, the Department of Urban Affairs donated money to 50 PAC schools in Richmond, whereby private schools have received $ 12,880 and most went to public PAC primary schools .

In total, the latter was allocated in total 225,860 dollars. Meanwhile, the ministry donated $ 173,060 to local parent and high school groups, according to official figures, and another $ 2,500 went to a local parenting group.

The amount of the scholarships varies according to the needs of the individual institutions and varies from 1900 down $ 25,000. The money was used to support a variety of extracurricular activities and to upgrade playground equipment, writing, theater and music clubs, and more.

PAC and DPAC continue to benefit from gaming

In his statement, the Minister for Communes Josie Osborne She praised the tireless efforts of the parent group to devise new ways and keep students engaged in extracurricular activities.

Contribution rates remain stable despite the pandemic and initial fears that funds will be severely affected, and 1,300 school advisory boards across British Columbia will receive Community Gaming Grants funding.

A total of $ 11.2 million has been donated to the PAC and DPAC in the province. Actual Community Gaming Grants contributions are $ 140 million each year and are made to nonprofit organizations in the province.

However, with the casino closures introduced earlier this year, some reorganization was needed in order for gambling revenues to support educational initiatives. British Columbia still has one of the country's largest casino bases, with 36 such offering facilities a total of 13,168 slot machines and 546 tables.

In 2019, British Columbia's total cumulative gambling revenue was $ 1.56 billion according to the official notification found on the provincial government official website.

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