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Robert Goldstein steps in as CEO of Las Vegas Sands

Robert Goldstein will take over as the new CEO of Las Vegas Sands, taking over from the late Sheldon Adelson.

Las Vegas Sands appoints Goldstein as the new founder

Robert Goldstein becomes the new president and CEO of Las Vegas Sands after serving as the company's managing director for years before its founder, Sheldon Adelson, died.

Mr. Goldstein took up a temporary CEO position following Adelson's retirement on January 7, after the company's founder asked for official medical leave to continue treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Mr. Adelson died on January 11 due to complications from illness, a battle he had fought for years. However, the company's future is secure in the loyalist board of directors and executives that Adelson has carefully selected and placed in key positions.

Mr. Goldstein himself has been with the LVS since 1995 and was later appointed a board member in January 2015, making him a suitable candidate for the new man at the head of the largest casino operator in the world.

His previous experience as Executive Vice President, Global Gaming Operations, and President and COO of The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas has provided him with the necessary background for the position that will shape the company's future.

Las Vegas continues the founder's vision

In adopting the position, Mr. Goldstein shared his thoughts on the late founder he worshiped:

“Our moods have been weaker in the weeks since his death, but the future of the company he founded shines brightly. He would expect nothing less than an aggressive pursuit of the work that has been started, and I am determined to run this company in a way that best reflects his vision. "

- President of Las Vegas Sands, Robert Goldstein

Mr. Goldstein is stepping down from his old chairmanship and COO with Patrick Dumont, another Las Vegas Sands veteran and trusted corporate event. Referring to his appointment, Dumont said he would seek to support Goldstein's Las Vegas Sands strategy at home and abroad.

Mr. Dumont shared his perspective on the future, arguing that, like Mr. Adelson, the company will remain committed to supporting local communities and workers, as illustrated during the pandemic when Las Vegas Sands was the only company that continued to pay health benefits and wages. employees.

With Mr. Dumont stepping down from the position of chief financial officer, now Randy Hyzak, who was once the chief accountant, will take over. Mr. Hyzak is one of the last employees of the company and joined the company only in 2016.

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