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Simplebet, Intralot NBA offer, MLB micro-betting in DC, MT

An innovative technology company in the field of sports betting Simplebet announced today a partnership with Intralot resulted in the introduction of new micro-betting products in Washington and Montana, covering action National Basketball League (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) .

After the success of the NFL

Launch of the first-ever automated micro-plant product on NBA and MLB after Simplebet and Intralot made their debut in the first months of 2021 in both jurisdictions in play-off matches against National Football League (NFL) which attracted the interest of the betting serios.

“We've seen amazing user engagement around our real money offering during the NFL playoffs, and we're excited to be able to present our next products for the NBA and MLB seasons with our partner INTRALOT. Micro-betting represents the future of the US sports betting industry and our technology delivers an unparalleled product for fans, operators and media partners. "

Chris Bevilacqua, co-founder and CEO of Simplebet

Simplebet and Intralot joined forces last November to offer players NFL, NBA and MLB micro-betting opportunities through GambetDC, an online sports betting operator in Washington, and the initial response was more than encouraging given around 25% the entire NFL live operator grip.

"The results of introducing our products into real money micro-bets at GambetDC and Sports Bet Montana have been very positive so far and we are delighted to be able to present the next evolution of betting opportunities during the basketball and baseball seasons."

Byron Boothe, CEO, Intralot Inc.

Via GambetDC and betting terminals

Through GambetDC and in its residential locations Sports Bet Montana Terminals, the first ever fully automated gaming product from both professional sports leagues, powered by Simplebet's own microbet pricing engine, will allow bettors to bet millions of moments during each game.

A micro-betting solution that allows every second of the game to be the moment to bet, runs on the Orion sports betting platform of a leading betting and lottery provider that operates 41 regulated jurisdictions around the world and bills too $ 22.1 billion bets placed annually.

Sports betting technology provider Simplebet recently quit $ 15 million funding round to collect $ 50 million and allocate funds to further develop its technology platform to allow it to run micro-bets and cover all forms of live betting and fan engagement in the US.

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