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SportCaller brings new F2P games to diversifies its product portfolio with two new games from SportCaller as part of a new alliance with Coingaming Group. now includes two new games from SportCaller

Innovation is part of SportCaller's bread and butter and in continuing this tradition, the game provider F2P has made a new alliance with Coingaming Group ,, a dedicated sportsbook brand.

As part of the new partnership, SportCaller is releasing two sports-themed games called 4-3 free and free bet 6-6 which will be available on as the bookmaker tries to diversify its offer and introduce products that are not entirely dependent on the occasional sports schedule.

The new games have brand new jackpot mechanics, a refreshed user interface and a host of sports, from cricket to soccer. Following the pandemic and the suspension of sports, increased its focus on alternative betting products, including sports games and esports.

Building Products Suitable for Sports Fans bookmaker director Joe McCallum praised SportCaller for having established a track record in analyzing consumer data and putting it into the product development process, which gives the end result a clear advantage and appeal.

"Whether it's acquisition-focused games or maintenance-focused games, we feel confident that our players will engage with the brand in a fun, fast and fair manner - enhancing the existing experience and minimizing drop-outs, regardless of where we set up our stage, ”added McCallum.

Director of SportCaller Cillian Barry He said Coingaming and were companies that focused on modernizing their expertise in their respective fields and that SportCaller was "well suited" to the values sustained by both brands.

Achieving global success depends on a combination of international ambition and local utility, Barry added. Part of SportCaller's success has been the development of unparalleled geolocation tools that enable the company to quickly adapt to local government and regulatory requirements.

"I am pleased to announce that the initial commitment was extremely positive, so we look forward to seeing how games like 4-3-free and Bet free 6-6 continue to work in the different regions they represent for us in some cases new markets " Barry continued and explained that the free-to-play segment is still available and benefits business as much as consumers.

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