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Texans shouldn't expect legalized sports gambling or casinos in 2021

Texas may have a poker game with its own name, but that doesn't mean the state is gambling-friendly. Texas Hold'em poker is said to have originated in Robstown , TX , more than 100 years ago and for a time gambling was found everywhere. However, this is no longer the case, and nothing seems to be going to change in the near future. Efforts by several lawmakers to move legalized sports gambling and casinos to the Lone Star State are close to failure as the current legislative session will expire in less than a month.

Time to gamble in Texas is running out Push

Attempts to bring legalized gambling into Texas go back several years. The 2018 PASPA defeat revived interest in the sports gaming market in the state as well as elsewhere, but there has been no progress since then. The COVID-19 pandemic has breathed new life into casino and sports gaming bills, supported by claims that legalized gambling will help improve the country's income situation. Even professional sports teams from the state were allowed to take part in the action.

While public support is behind legalized gambling, it simply isn't on the cards this year. It was less than a month before the end of the legislative session, and none of the efforts to legalize any kind of gambling in Texas had gone beyond their first step. According to GOP representative John Kuempel, neither did they, as The Dallas Morning News told The Dallas Morning News last week, that "there is no time to [gambling] [to pass this session. ' This is despite the fact that the bills have been in place for at least two months and that other jurisdictions in the US have been able to accelerate their legalized gambling efforts.

Lawmakers in Texas don't like complications

As the expansion of gambling in Texas requires a constitutional change, there is more to the state than others to legalize any new gambling activities. Two-thirds of the legislative body would have to agree on any bill to be adopted, and then the matter would have to be put to a public vote. This has probably been seen as an insurmountable challenge that needs to be addressed in a short time, even though there are protracted legislative sessions and other mechanisms that give policymakers more time.

What was perhaps more of a challenge even if some lawmakers refused to admit it was the fact that Texas Governor Dan Patrick staunchly opposes the expansion of gambling in the state and made it clear that there was no chance of any bill going to Governor Greg Abbott's desk . Despite this seemingly impossible hurdle, lawmakers sponsoring and supporting the gambling expansion bills remain optimistic that progress can be made and that Texas will eventually gain access to the millions of dollars in gaming revenue that is currently lacking. Las Vegas Sands will also continue to support this idea, possibly putting millions more dollars into its Lone Star State gambling campaign.

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